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  1. The  London of punk was still a bombed-out city, full of chasms, caverns, spaces that could be temporarily occupied and squatted. Once those spaces are enclosed, practically all of the city’s energy is put into paying the mortgage or the rent. There’s no time to experiment, to journey without already knowing where you will end up. Your aims and objectives have to be stated up front. ‘Free time’ becomes convalescence. You turn to what reassures you, what will most refresh you for the working day: the old familiar tunes (or what sound like them). London becomes a city of pinched-face drones plugged into iPods.

    - Mark Fisher

  2. 1989 - Fordulat lapszámbemutató | Facebook

    Szeptember 9-én 19 órától bemutatjuk a Fordulatnak, a Társadalomelméleti Kollégium folyóiratának 21. számát, aminek a témája 1989 és a rendszerváltás.

    Előzetes, tartalomjegyzék: http://fordulat.net/?q=huszonegyedik

  3. The class war in American politics is over. The rich won.

  4. The Cruel Poetics of Morrissey

    "it is precisely when sexuality, the need to confirm sexual tendencies, to form intimate bonds and to firm up a gender identity are at their most imperious – when, as Morrissey says, ‘sex implores you’, and when stepping into economic life becomes unavoidable, when, as Morrissey sang, ‘you must go to work tomorrow’, at the time where inner and external challenges and constraints are at their most tyrannical – that perhaps some general truth about human existence might be revealed."

  5. Istanbul’s Gentrification Wars

  6. britek, étrend, társadalmi osztályok

    (itt van nagyobban)

  7. marx ma nem egyetemi aulákban ücsörögne, és jó eséllyel lesújtó véleménye lenne ezekről az intézményekről

    (Source: marxphotobomb)

  8. Claiming a Copyright on Marx? How Uncomradely

    The warning didn’t come from a multinational media conglomerate but from a small, leftist publisher, Lawrence & Wishart, which asserted copyright ownership over the 50-volume, English-language edition of Marx’s and Engels’s writings.

  9. Napi cukiság: Tudtátok, hogy Saskia Sassen férje Richard Sennett? 

  10. Mladen Dolar: Freud and the Political

    freud és a politikum, avagy meddig mételyezi még a tudománytalan pszichoanalízis a politikaelméletet?!?!!